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T'ai Chi and Chi Kung

T'ai Chi and Chi Kung take their inspiration from the ancient Chinese understanding  of the origins of the universe - of how everything flows from and is renewed from the source - the great Tao. T'ai Chi is a mirror of cosmic changes.  These changes are the interplay of yin and yang that constantly influence the field of action in which we and every sentient being exist.

Through the breath and through the movements we start to experience 'change' and develop a more elemental awareness of energy (or Qi) within ourselves, within others and within nature.  The benefits include feeling more relaxed and connected to life; experiencing suppleness, flexibility and inner strength; and even gaining freedom from habitual patterns of chronic pain.

Louanne received her initial training with Tew Bunnag and continues to attend his Meditation and T'ai Chi retreats on related subjects such as the 'I Ching' and 'Death and Dying in the Context of the Cycle of Life'.

Louanne teaches classes in Oxford, Barnes South West London and at Stanton St.John village hall.  She has, for many years, been developing T'ai Chi for those suffering from strokes and head injuries at Headway, Oxford.  She also teaches occasional one day seminars and at retreats. She is a founder member and an accredited teacher of the European School of T'ai Chi Chuan UK.

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